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The Yogi Bear Show is an animated television series and was produced by Hanna-Barbera. The show debuted in syndication on January 30, 1961 and ran for 33 episodes until January 6, 1962 and included two segments Snagglepuss and Yakky Doodle.


A fast-talking bear named Yogi, who is a picnic basket stealing bear, and has a sidekick named Boo Boo, who warns him not to steal picnic baskets because Ranger Smith wouldn't like it.


List of episodes

  1. Oinks and Boinks
  2. Bobby Trapped Bear
  3. Gleesome Threesome
  4. A Bear Pair
  5. Spy Guy
  6. Do or Diet
  7. Bears and Bees
  8. Biggest Show Off on Earth
  9. Genial Genie
  10. Cub Scout Boo Boo
  11. Home-Sweet Jellystone
  12. Love-Bugged Bear
  13. Bareface Diguise
  14. Slap Happy Birthday
  15. A Bear Living
  16. Disguise and Gals
  17. Touch and Go-Go-Go
  18. Acrobatty Yogi
  19. Ring-a-Ding Picnic Basket
  20. Iron Hand Jones
  21. Yogi's Pest Guest
  22. Missile Bound Yogi
  23. Loco Locomotive
  24. Missile-Bound Bear
  25. A Wooin' Bruin
  26. Yogi in the City
  27. Queen Bee for a Day
  28. Batty Bear
  29. Droop-a-Long Yogi
  30. Ice Box Raider
  31. Threadbare Bear
  32. Bear Foot Soldiers
  33. Yogi's Birthday Party