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The New Yogi Bear Show, also known as Hanna-Barbera's Yogi Bear Show, is a 1988 television series, spinning off from The Huckleberry Hound Show and The Yogi Bear Show. This is the first production without Daws Butler in the starring role, who died the same year. The new shorts were paired with the older shorts.


List of episodes

  1. Kahuna Yogi
  2. Grin & Bear It
  3. Board Silly
  4. Shine on Silver Screen
  5. Buffalo'd Bear
  6. The Yolk's on Yogi
  7. Yogi De Beargerac
  8. Bearly Sick
  9. Bear Exchange
  10. To Bear is Human
  11. Slim & Bear It
  12. Old Biter
  13. Pokey the Bear
  14. Shadrak Yogi
  15. Bruise Cruise
  16. Bear Obedience
  17. Come Back, Little Boo Boo
  18. La Bamba Bear
  19. Clucking Crazy
  20. Misguided Missile
  21. Double Trouble
  22. Attack of the Ninja Raccoon
  23. Biker Bear
  24. Bearly Buddies
  25. Predaterminator
  26. Little Lord Boo Boo
  27. Yogi the Cave Bear
  28. Little Big Foot
  29. Top Gun Yogi
  30. The Hopeful Diamond
  31. Real Bears Don't Eat Quiche
  32. Slippery Smith
  33. In Search of the Ninja Raccoon
  34. Balloonatics
  35. The Big Bear Ballet
  36. Blast Off Bears
  37. Battle of the Bears
  38. Bringing Up Yogi
  39. Unbearable
  40. Banjo Bear
  41. Boxcar Pop
  42. Yogi Meets the Mummy
  43. Ninja Raccoon, The Final Shogun
  44. The Not So Great Escape
  45. My Buddy Blubber


  • This series is unique as it included Yogi's dad (shedding light on their estranged relationship), Cindy's mom, and Ranger Smith's evil twin. It also included a dream wedding between Yogi & Cindy and what might happen if they have a their son.
  • Episodes such as Come Back, Little Boo Boo and Boxcar Pop suggested that Jellystone wasn't just the name of the park, but seemingly a town; Yo, Yogi!, while not exactly being in the same continuity, would properly establish this.